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  • Your talking about that little spot between the firewall and the engie bay right? thats where the clamp is, it was hard to get any good leverage to pry the hose off because the screwdriver is basically facing directly up and you have no leverage to move it sideways.
    I live in california, a buddy of mine had an integra with intercooler and everything ready for the turbo, he got pulled over, they popped the hood and were extremely close to taking the car away for having a turbo on it. only reason why they didnt is cause the actual turbine wasnt installed yet. I want to get a 5speed turbo in the near future, im just learnin on this n/a supra
    Hey i had a question, im super new to the forums and i just recenty bought an 87 supra. I bought an auto nonturbo in hopes it would have sustained the least amout of abuse " Your not gunna race an auto nonturbo" in hopes to convert to a 5speed turbo only to find out i coul have my car taken away for having an aftermarket turbo. So now my question is, what condition was your supra when you bought it? did you need to rebuild motor or turbo? and what mods do you have? id love to overtake those ricer mustang gt's
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