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    Thin wall 12pt. 14mm...

    if you have a menards by you, thats where i found mine locally
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    monroe hatch supports?

    I can't believe my original 32 year old toyota hatch supports have finally given way. I will be emailing toyota to complain about the durability of these ;-) anyone use the MONROE 901455 shocks for the rear hatch? I've seen threads mentioning the SACHS SG229017(18) but couldn't find any info...
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    My Bad Experience With Rockauto

    I've never had a single bad experience ordering from rock auto over the years.
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    another mk3 junkie

    gotcha! I did manage to find the little black oem trim that goes under the bottom side of the lip. dont see too many of those either
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    another mk3 junkie

    car has oem front lip on it now. if you're talking about the little 1" lip that goes under front clip??
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    What did you do to your supra today? Pics

    Motor hasn't come out of this bay in over 20years.... man the memories are flooding back working on this thing now. Just about ready to pull
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    another mk3 junkie

    lol. larry will never get his mk3 back on the road. his has been down longer than mine! the last time his mk3 was on the road was probably the very late 90s iirc , 98,99ish.... It's been sheltered most of its life ...... its been sheltered most of its life thats for sure! Thank you
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    another mk3 junkie

    whats up everyone! I havent been on here in about 10 years ....... long time mk3 owner here. brief history , I am the 3rd owner of this supra turbo targa. The car was bought brand new by one of larry (from sound performance) friends back in 1988, it was then sold to another guy, and then I...
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    original C's shifter replacement seat?

    i have an original C's shifter (circa 1998) in my r154, the nylon seat bushing has completely dried and cracked to dust. does anyone know where to possibly find a replacement? i tried using an oem toyota one for now, but it doesnt fit right and is way to tight in there. any ideas?
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    Please not another popped head gasket.........weird temp issues yesterday!

    summary... owned my sup for 14 years. i know the tell tale signs of popped head gasket.:icon_evil just took my supra out of storage this summer after its been parked for almost 8 years, only driven occasionally in those 8 years (like 40 miles a summer) , did a auto to 5 speed swap, clutch...
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    tranny help

    CZA: what do you keep breaking inside the 154's? i am in the process of repairing a shattered oem thrust washer that i upgraded to the marlin piece. just wondering what else is prone to going out on these, besides shift fork.. right now im at 500hp and plan on going up to 600+
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    Very bad coolent leak.

    This stupid cap was fresh in my mind because i just had my exhaust mani off redoing my turbo setup and noticed my rubber cap was totally dried out from the heat on that side and i replaced mine before it let loose like yours did.
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    Very bad coolent leak.

    check the rubber cap on the metal coolant lines that run along the passanger side of the engine block.
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    frsh rebuild, no start????

    my bet is the timing is off.........
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    r154 popping out of 1st

    Well we had some time to dig a little deeper today and found the Broken Thrust washer. ordered the Marlin upgrade Today. Finish taking everything apart in the next few days of free time and figure out what else needs to be replaced while it's apart. Shouldn't be to bad of a fix so far..........