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  • I recommend either alphabet soup, or standalone complete with boost control.

    The best boost controller I've ever had is the EVC EZ.
    The MAFTPro boost control was finicky to say the least, and never worked right with the cars I've worked with.

    I only use Innovate! widebands and accessories.
    Brent I just watched the video that you made of the red '90 MK3 dynoing with the MAFT Pro Translator back in Jan/Feb. 2006 putting down almost 100 more horsepower. I am having problems with my '89 Turbo and the Greddy Emanage and E-01 and want to switch so what should I get?
    I am built auto, 550 inj., Greddy TD-06 20g. All my mods are in my sig. I was thinking of the full wideband set up but do I get the aem wideband kit with boost control, or the LC-1 wideband kit with boost control?
    Do you still have it, how is it working out for you?
    Thanks, Jim.
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