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    Georgia MK3 Supra Meet in April

    I went off more then I should have but feel like we get too much crap if we own a supra and its not on the road. What I mean by a proper supra meet is, an large scale organized event where we can run on Road Atlanta for an hour or run autocross somewhere. Not that this meet is not going to be...
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    Georgia MK3 Supra Meet in April

    Alright so I will chime in here. First off Diego I may have some 89+ grill inserts for you, ie I have some but I don't know if I will end up using them in my wifes car, hopefully not, some custom cf stuff for us would be nice. Second I am kind of offended by "keep your ugly dd out of the...
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    Had to post the pics of this now dead supra.

    HULK SMASH!!!!!! Its on auction on copart probably go for like $100 for scrap metal. Wow its actually scary what they put on it. Loss:COLLISION Primary:ALL OVER Secondary:BIO HAZARD :aigo::aigo::aigo::aigo::aigo: Key:Present -At least the key is still there...
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    Had to post the pics of this now dead supra.

    This has got to be the worst wreck for an mk3 I have ever seen. And its for sale if anyone is interested:evil2:.
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    1990 7mge BHG Repair.

    Well before taking everything apart why don't you just do a proper diagnostic on the cooling system. You can pick up an infrared thermometer from radio shack for like $20. Check across the radiator and see if it is passing coolant through it, if one side is hot and the other is not its not...
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    ac fuse keeps blowing

    My first guess since it runs for 10 mins then blows the fuse would be the winding in the clutch magnet. But it could be other things. Unplug the compressor clutch and see if the fuse still blows after 10 mins. I know this will not load the rest of the circuit but if it still blows you can...
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    should i drill threw the water jacket?

    I would imagine it is to slow the coolant flow down so that it does not travel to quickly through the head and is able to stay in the engine long enough exchange the heat from the engine to the coolant, but that is just a guess. Also as someone who works in a shop bioskyline you are the kind of...
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    7mge BHG

    Also a commonly overlooked thing is when you are torquing the bolts down you cant just put them in dry, if the guy did this then it was way under spec. I dont remember the specs but all in all a dry bolt loses torque by trying to overcome friction between the threads, if you use oil you have...
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    Fall supra meet.

    I am taking vacation from September 17-26. The 24th is my anniversary so will be spending that day with my wife. I am going to be out of town I found out for the first weekend ie leaving the 17th - 19th. So I am going to set it up for people to come by my house September 25th Sunday. We will...
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    Fall supra meet.

    Just wondering from those in the know if there is going to be a fall supra meet and if so when. I know there is normally a celica supra meet in september, and I am looking to take vacation in the beginning of september so trying to find out some info. If there is no meet scheduled I will set...
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    Power steering resevoir

    My friends car has it moved to between the intercooler and radiator, he just reused the turbo bracket and attached it there near the passenger side headlight motor, also the charcoal canister was moved into the bumper behind the fog light if you wanna get that out of there too.
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    Targa Top Tool

    I use a snap-on ball end allen key, I have the original tool too but much prefer the ball end allen key much faster. I am thinking of trying out my wifes new small cordless drill, it wont have enough power to break the bolts free but after freeing it would work with the ball end key to take...
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    Import Alliance 2011 TN

    Yea looked it up got it confused, it was import face off that was canceled we missed the import alliance here. Looks like they did the show in the parking decks of the ga dome so rain would not bother it, o well guess I know next time.
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    Import Alliance 2011 TN

    My wife and I decided not to go up since it was calling for rain both days and didn't want to make a 6 hour one way trip just to have it canceled or a low turnout, or to have to walk around the show in the rain if it went on. The import alliance here at Atlanta Dragway was canceled due to rain...
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    Insane firing Problem (Im baffled)

    O god just throw those things away get ngk laser platinum plugs. Those +4s foul out so fast its not funny. Also check for carbon buildup on the contacts inside of the distributor cap.