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  • 2jz in the near future my friend, already going jdm 2jz ecu with 2j harness, on my 1jz with single t4 turbo 57 trim 58 a/r exaust. 440cc jdm 2jz injectors, with 2jz 2 bar map sensor, so it should be very nice to see what i can put out, and then go 2jz later on. kaizenmotorsports is helping me out , jose da man.
    Nice to meet you too, next year I think I'ma start real early and gather a bunch of Supras and swamp IA. LOL
    Hey man how's it goin out in crossville, I moved back out to california, in la county and I'm lovin it man, so muxh aftermarket support and the driftmotion shop is awesome, I'm actually undergoing a 1 jz gte swap sold my 7mgte, but am lookin forward to a gt35 or simiar going on their real soon... my new number is 626 222 0302
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