Charleston, SC
Home Country
United States
Model Year
1990 (MKIII)
7M-GTE (Big Single)
R154 (5 Speed)
Too too many!

They make it; I have it.
Owned Generations


* Built 7mgte * JE Pistons * Crower Rods * Crazy Head Race Porting * Turbo Cam Regrinds * ARP Head Studs * HKS Stopper HG * AEM Cam Gears * Turbonetics Hi-Fi 62-1 Stage 5 Bolt-on Turbo * 5" Blitz SUS Filter * 1JZ FFIM w/ IAC * Greddy 24R FMIC * 15 Row Oil Cooler w/ Thermostat and Filter Relocator * Greddy 720cc low impedence Injectors * Denso 285lph pump w/ 12v mod * Aeromotive AFPR * Trust Power Extreme II Exhaust * One-Off Mandrel BIC Ceramic DDP * Fluidyne Radiator * Flex-a Lite Fans * Tial Q BOV * RPS Max Dual Diaphram Pressure Plate w/ OEM Aisin Disk * Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel * 3.73 Differential w/ Weir Stage One LSD * AEM v1 Rev.B Mod.C EMS * DH61 Ignitor / Sequential Ignition mod * Tokico Illumina II Shocks * Eibach ProLine Springs * HKS EAC-T TEMS Controller * Mercedes s500 13" BBK w/ Brembo Calipers, Rotors and Akibono Pads * Evo VIII Rear Calipers, STi Rotors and Akibono Pads *

Very old 458whp dyno vid link:



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