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    Ridiculous 1000HP 7M Street MK3 Build

    hey bud, how's that dash I gave to you 15 yrs ago? still working out..??
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    I'm back

    thanks fellas. I can't believe the website and how much it has changed. I'm also seeing how much aftermarket parts have come down on the mk3. Should be intresting. Right now i'm looking for a clean vehicle to start with. any of the old timers still here? ( mk3brent, zazzn, capt. furious...
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    I'm back

    Been an very long time since I have been on this site. Took a 13yr break from the MK3's. Currently looking to another one. I plan on doing a full restoration. Stay tuned. :)
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    A lot has changed since I've been involved with the Supra community.

    Wow. Been a long time. . Do I still hold the stock exhaust manifold record? ???
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    it's been a long time...

    thanks fella's good to see most of you are still here. So did IJ put his shit to the moon yet? I remember him always working on some crazy setup. is drjonez still around? right now I'm scouting the area. looking for a clean shell to play with. i'll be sure to keep you all posted. for the...
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    it's been a long time...

    hey man, how you been? I tell ya, 2 biggest regrets of my life, getting out of the miltary selling the supra did you guys know that right after I sold it, the kid dropped in a 1j and wrapped it around a tree. I was heart-broken. I poured my soul into that car. I should have...
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    it's been a long time...

    sup fella's.. man on man it's been awhile. life for me has changed 100% over the past few yrs. got married, baby on the way, work at mercedes-benz full time and broke as hell. i've been trying to get back in the supra game for awhile. I really had to take a break, been messing with vintage...
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    Annoying Window Rattle

    check yer window regulator, over time the pivot points bend, get worn out, etc. slop will develop and play will be transmitted to the glass.
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    R154 Tranny Install Help (I'm desperate!!!)

    honestly doing it on the ground is a real PITA. I pulled the trans 3 times on the ground and hated it everytime. Now that I have a lift, it can be done in 30mins.. Having 2 people really help, also raising the vehicle as high as you can will help and putting the PP and disc on the input...
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    supraracer49s red supra build

    man o man... i'm jealous.... looking good.
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    need help with dirtbag roommate.

    i think you guys are missing the point. he moved out into another apartment and he is still on this lease. so now he has 2 leases.
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    need help with dirtbag roommate.

    godspeed, how far are you from fayetteville?
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    need help with dirtbag roommate.

    thanks for all the advice. i called the landlord today and she is on my side. she is going to contact the mother and i'm waiting to hear. also on monday; i'm going to get the school involved.
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    need help with dirtbag roommate.

    here is my situtation. for the past 8 months i have been living with this total POS roommate. when i first moved to NC i got a 2bedroom 2 bath all for myself. this kid calls me and asks to move in. (another fellow student) he is the most worthless/ lazy/ unresponsible person i have ever...
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    malloy is striking back....

    well lately i have been laying low. my supra sold 3 weeks ago and i ahve been soo upset. i miss the booost, dyno events, racing, smokin v8's etc.... i'm starting a new career very soon and the pay is going to be great. i plan on coming back harder than ever and building a monster. 7m of course...