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  • Its 1jz head with 2jzge buttom with eagles rods and cp pistons. Turbo is a gt45 with a 60mm wastegate and 4" downpipe to the end. Now i have a r154 with a extended shift and ceramic clutch. And when you are driving around(not racing) the tranny gets very hot, even the shift stick and there start the noices and the strange shifting(not smooth). Is not that i can get into the gear, is like the stick gets stiffer. Im using 75w90 trans oil. Is it possible that the exhaust transmit temperature to the tranny?. Thanks.
    I need help.
    Hello sir. I have a 1,5jzgte soarer and i did the w58 swap but for some reasson after a while it started to do some noises and getting hard to shift...i couldnt even boost on that tranny couse i was given the engine some miles. Do you have msn where i can talk with you???. Thanks.
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