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  • Thanks, it took forever to get the right size pics lol, the car is finally back as I replaced the Diff I broke and now the boost is stable. Turns out the wastegate Diaphragm was tore AND the HKS EVC needed a hard reset, which I found on a forum where the person called the lead tech at HKS! Holy crap that was a PITA! Now second gear shreds all the way to 60, and I am ganna make a new Vid of it really Rippin shit!
    Hey man, thanks alot for helping out a noob, I asked like a month ago and I know Supra guy's are busy posting and reading these awesome forums, so for you to take the time to help me out is really appreciated. Got my 3 pic sig and avatar so now I look way better than a blank silhouette when I post! lol. Clever name btw, thanks again, Peace.
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