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  • Hey You
    Congrads. on the new car, it makes a perfect Bday present and when i get it on sunday you will get a very very naked thank you. J/K or maybe hehe. Talk to you later
    So i don't know if your going to get mad but i made an account for myself b/c i miss looking and reading all the supra stuff. so i just wanted to say hi and let you know what i did so if you don't want me on here just let me know. have a good day and i will talk to you later. melody
    I called you sat as you asked me to, in regards to the import meet and you didn't answer. Stay away from the funky stuff..lol..Let's gitter done.
    Lights and wiring..Ladder must go back pronto. Also must extend dishwasher supply wire to reach side junction box.Unit could not be wired and fired because of this. Quit playing hooky or nooky with your girl and car and let's get to work..lol..call me.
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