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  • hey i noticed you make front facing intake manifolds. im just wondering if you can still make one. I have a 7mgte with no a/c. i did not get to see the pics, the links did not work but i am looking for somthing thatll satisfy my engine. so i will need the alternator brackets also to relocate. can u please send me a price for this setup with the best manifold you came accross. im very serious. pics would be nice too. the down side is i live in canada but im willing to pay shipping if the price is right. please respond to my email asap.thank you
    Hello, just a few ?'s for ya if you dont mind!! Well i want a front facing intake mani, well lets just say im a little short on throttle bodies and hooking all the things back up, like the vac lines and such!! Do you offer a FFIM that comes with a TB and all the stock hose hook ups, i basically want it to be as plug and play as possible!! Thanks in advance!!
    Hello Ron, I am Fred Beckman, A.K.A. SWDFredester3@supramania. I am new to SupraMania but not to supras. I have owned my 91 Turbo since new. The car has gone thru a few phases corresponding to phases of my life. Throughout it has always been fun and sometimes frustrating.
    I am amazed at the potential of the 7MGTE, especially from what was thought of the engine in the early 90's.
    I think your work looks great, and your knowledge of the engines potential is outstanding. I would like to buy a FFIM from you if you are still making them. I would also like your input on the throttle body, injectors, fuel rail, turbo, turbo manifold and waste gate. Potentially I would like to see 650-700rwhp from my supra.
    The 7MGTE was rebuilt by EIP Tuning- blue printed and balanced, new rods and forged pistons, head ported and polished with new valves etc., ARP head studs, copper head gasket with o-ring head, 550 venom injectors. Custom 3in ss downpipe and exhaust. AEM engine management with air fuel wide band gauge. Still running stock cams and turbo. Dyno's at 294rwhp.
    I greatly appreciate any help you offer and thank you for your forth coming input. Cordially, Fred Beckman
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