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  • no i just figured it would be ok. and it was cheap. it spools ok. and doesnt bleed off but i should have went with a smaller one for what i need it for.
    i have a friend that can hook me up with an inspection sticker so i dont have to run a cat at all so that helps me out alot. but for a while now i have been driving mine around with just the downpipe. because like you i have to save money and get parts. like exahust. and springs and stuff. your lucky though i have always wanted a white supra.
    hi johnny im merki i love ur mk3 also it looks like a clean my page and i will show what i got mk3 with a killer attuide
    i did all the wiring to mine myself. it was time consuming but not hard. took about 3 days. but im pretty good with automotive electrical. for the average joe i would agree just have someone else do it.
    Haha, thanks. You really cannot go wrong with the 2JZGE. Cheap, has aftermarket, strong, and you can swap over some 7M goodies.
    I would pay some company like pheonix or a shop to do the harness splicing. I just don't think it is worth the hassle. The mechanical stuff isn't bad. Make sure you get a complete engine / harness / ecu combo meal. I also got the ignitor / coil to make sure it worked correctly.
    The key is to not do the wiring yourself.
    Yes I noticed most of them matched also. Did you use the mk3 radiator or did you replace it? I need to connect the engine to the radiator but the stub-tubes are different diameters.
    yea when i was wiring mine i was pretty furstated but i just sucked it up and did it... turns out it was pretty simple. most all of the wire colors were the same so i helped. it runs now but still not finished
    I need to finish: Custom Exhaust, wiring the ignition switch plug, I am waiting for the ignitor chip in the mail.

    Thats it. :icon_surp

    I will get some super-sweet pictures in the next couple of days.

    I can understand why people have given up. :3d_frown:
    I live in California, which is sub-par as far as laws allowing me to do fun things to my car. I have already gone to extreme lengths to ensure this would pass emissions standards. I have 1 of 3 CA emissions ECUs, I am getting the exhaust customed with the CA legal catalytics. It is a pain.
    In order to keep my swap legal I have been considering the Vortec Supercharger kit for the IS300. I wonder if anyone knows if the kit would work for a Lexus SC300 2JZ? Does anyone know if the IS300 2JZ is the same as the SC300 2JZ?:1zhelp:
    I am staying NA for now until I can save money (5K) and do the research to see if the Vortec kit will work.
    oh well that works, yeah dude before i started i heard about people giving up on that so i didnt even try. how far along are you? when do you think you will be running or are you already.
    I didn't know of a place to send it to get the work done. I am an electrician, but this still a ton of work.
    lmao, i know. i sent my engine harnesses to Phoenix tuning to get them spliced together. I refuse to even mess with that. Yeah its freezing balls everywhere.
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