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    Owner's Manual Part #?

    Canada/USA: 1986: OM14448U 1987: OM14464U 1988: OM14466U 1989: OM14471U 1990: OM14477U 1991: OM14482U 1992: OM14492U
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    NOTICE : Stolen Supra

    Thread moved.
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    Passing of a member. Flateric.

    Just saw this now. Unbelievable. I spent a couple of years hanging out in his garage and built his bottom end among other pieces on his car. :( I knew he was having some trouble, but my life has been busy and I moved up to Edmonton so most of our conversations were on Facebook as of late...
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    Jzs161 suspension for mk3 supra

    Been meaning to do something about that. A lot of people like to upload from their phones. I don't get why phones ask to resize in emails, but not when uploading to a website. Not sure when I'll get to it, but I'll add it to my list... Jeff
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    New source of Torsen T2 LSD's

    I can see about finding some other TSB's. There really aren't that many that are as interesting as the differential one to be honest. Most are lame, haha. The one about the power window switch is alright though. Jeff
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    New source of Torsen T2 LSD's

    Right, of course. Brainfart. Here's the TSB, it really feels like they neutered the LSD when they did this. (Though they did increase the number, total stack height increased by 2.4 mm per side, the spring rate reduction is huge). I'd like to know the comparison between the torque between the...
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    New source of Torsen T2 LSD's

    I'll post up the TSB when I remember if you're interested. I wonder what the COF for friction plate on friction plate is vs. friction plate to steel plate. Jeff
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    New source of Torsen T2 LSD's

    An air guide was mounted to the top of 86.5-92 European-spec cars. A rear cover with the larger cooling fins was used added on some 89-92 European-spec Turbo cars. An oil cooling pipe was used on some 90-92 European-spec Turbo cars. For the rear cover and cooling pipe, specifically Euro-spec...
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    Thinking about learning to ride!!!

    I feel like I have a healthy fear of other drivers and so have avoided bikes for the most part. I wouldn't mind something for touring/maybe some track stuff, but I dunno, just isn't really for me. I prefer 4 wheels. Jeff
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    Difference between VVT-i twins and Non-VVT-i

    Yeah, the turbos themselves are different between USDM and JDM, but for JDM VVT-i and non-VVT-i are the same. The difference is going to be the MAF or MAP setup (which again is different between USDM and JDM). Jeff
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    Shenzhen Sunsoar Tech Co.,Ltd

    The spammiest of spams. Still, probably useful to someone, haha. Jeff
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    Anyone seen this OEM color before on a MK3 Supra?

    Looks like 3H2 to me, was offered for all of 1986, but it isn't commonly seen. Jeff
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    Tell me if you agree with is picture, ..TEMS wiring

    From memory it looks right, but you may want more confirmation than that. Haha. Jeff
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    New source of Torsen T2 LSD's

    Spline count and spline diameter yes. The bolt face position is the same. Circlip groove depth should also be the same, but I haven't personally verified it. Jeff
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    New source of Torsen T2 LSD's

    Highly unlikely, unless they have some sort of weird thing sticking off of it that will interfere with an A70 housing but not the JCE/GSE/ZN6 housing (they don't). I would bet good money that it will fit and function just fine. Jeff