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    Mk3 forums dead..miss the good times

    The forums are my home, plus they are less clowns here than on facebook. The new gen of mk3 owners are embarrassing.
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    interior color difference by generation

    I've observed 3 different patterns. 86.5-87 88 (some early 89's may have had it but it was distinctively different from the 86.5-87 and the 89-92) 89-92
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    interior color difference by generation

    Deep Red is one of the classiest interior colors for the MK3. I like it way better than Maroon. Especially if its well cared for.
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    interior color difference by generation

    No, the Maroon is darker. The Deep red is brighter.
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    Supra stories from Japan

    That's from Shuto Kousoku Trial 2 or 3 I cant remember which movie.
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    Project Ookii Ao: Road to 500whp

    Im surprised you didn't remove the hood and paint it off the car
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    Street tuning for 7M engine break-in with safc2 questions...

    I would reset the ECU if your setup changed and start from scratch on the SAFC. However to answer your question, yes the ECU will adjust to the new settings but keep in mind with an SAFC anything over a certain percentage will make the ECU think something is wrong and start correcting the map on...
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    Looking for coilovers

    Im running a set of Tein Flex Z on my Supra. I am satisfied with them coming from my old Tokico Illumina II and H&R spring setup. They passed the old man test (having my 72 year old father ride in the car with me). I am satisfied with the 16 way dampening.
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    Fuel pressure issues. Help.

    If youre not maintaining pressure at the rail, I believe that points to your regulator. You answered your question, when you pinched or restricted the return line a bit to success.
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    Hks intercooler kit for 1987-1992 supra

    The US Market kit of the Japanese Market Kit? Either one assuming there is a market for HKS parts for this car, id say $1000. However with the influx of Chinese intercoolers, most people would rather save $700 and get one of those kits.
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    Wheel Fitment & Question Thread

    My work wheels are 17x8 +35 and they do not look sunken at all. I also ran 275 on a wheel with +50 with no rubbing on the rear. Same with the Work wheels being +35 in the rear. On the old Kei Office wheels I used, I could've run a 275 with zero issues, I'm curious to why you had issues?
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    Koyo Radiator

    If its an aluminum id stick with a Koyo over a mishimoto. They fit better
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    Stock Mk-4 Supras

    You have to look at this differently. If you're buying the car for driving enjoyment, then an N/A or a TT car will suffice. Both are exciting, one is quicker than the other. So for cruising and weekend enjoyment, a naturally aspirated Supra is not a bad choice, maintenance is easier, and overall...
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    MKIV Supra made after 1998

    Supra production continued until 2002. I am not aware of any LHD +98 made, although I know for sure you can find a RHD +98 model. They came in N/A and Twin Turbo variants. Options for the cars varied on model. SZ, SZ-R, RZ, RZ-S models. The 25yr import rule applies to any car manufactured...