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  • i need credit, but i'll be making enough to save and put money away just in case and i'm not feeling putting money into the MKIII
    NICE if your going to save up for the MKIV Why not save up to pay for one off? Takes a while but its better then oweing money on it. Trust me. If times were to ever get hella hard you could lose it. Why chance that.
    Whats up dude, hows it going! :) Check out the build thread, car got polished its looking better now. How's the car coming along??
    i can help you with it and if you want drive the car to the shop i work at and we can do it in 1 day. I did mine in a few hrs with just 1 persons help. it was pretty easy. I'll be the chubby spanish kit with glasses lolol and i'll be wearing my old MKIII SUPRA shirt lolol
    DUDE! I fixed my clutch issues! I put the disk on backwards like a dummy but its all G now! I got a new flywheel too in the process lol seeing i had to rip it out again lolol. w00000t i'll be at ne2k9 with my poopra!
    Good to meet u @ Etown and finally see your car! When you swap your driveline into a new shell you better not pay someone to do it I will help out with some of the Long island Supra peoples dont forget!
    Yo, so i finally decided and i think im gonna go 1jz in my car. What shop did you use and how much they charge you fro everything and did you have the motor shipped to them?
    You have a nice car in great shape, its a great platform to make a fast and very nice car. Thanks for complimenting my car I have a lot of hard work and time in it but compared to many its still slow! Haha. I hope it inspires you to do yours good. Anytime ya need anything don't hesitate to call. Thanks for coming by today glad its running better with the bpv back on
    I have no idea what this "visitor message" crap is, but I assume it's a pm system because I can't find the "send pm" option anywhere in the new fubar system. Haven't gotten back to you yet because of general end-of-semester panic. I'm still waiting for funds to transfer out of my paypal account before I can buy the diff from you. Should be in the next day or two.

    *edit*good they changed the system back
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