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  • hey nothin just been working on the supra all i need is clutch and its runing ha...wat you been up 2..? we have a meet 2morrow at 12 on fresno woodward park
    no it wasnt all stock he had it like 5 years 300xxx ,miles on it still ran strong and he drove it like he stole it....pretty quick lil truck...yea damn those miata look to small for me....i seen a turbo 1 the other day on the freeway it was pretty bad..
    Just pull up on the back edge carefully, they should be in line with the hood. If you work under the hood, pop the headlights up so you avoid leaning on them.
    my friend had a pickup with a 22r it was pretty quick..hella good on gas..i alsmot bought 1 just for work last year..there pretty cheap and they will last forever if you take car of it....the thing is that im 6'1 so it was pretty small in his single cab and uncomfortable for me....
    i still think you should go turbo but if its out of your price range than just get a can find some clean nas on i see them all the could always do a swap down the road too...
    o yea what kind of v8s..yea im suppose to get my licences back feb2nd and probably sometime this week im going to order my rebuilt parts...its only you two guys with supras out that go?0000000
    yea i will once i get my supra back on the road im wainting for taxes to come back and than ill start the a lot of supras go out there...?
    Hey dude I know u don't know me from a bar of soap lol but anyway how's ya day man and wat kinda car u running mate anyway gotta jump and make some food then hit to bed ciao
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