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  • I live in central New Jersey and want to find someone to work on my 1994 Twin. All suggestions would be welcome.
    Water at just about that level is what destroyed my 2G eclipse.. hahataught me what hydrolock meant..
    Lol ya. We were in a huge lifted truck tho getting all the parts for my other car.
    My name is Scott and I have a 7M torque plate and wanted to know if we can make a sticky in the build section for torque plate rentals. Not only myself but anyone else who has one and would be willing to rent it out. Let me know, I think it could help guys out in the process of there build with easy access to a direct link.
    Hey bud, figure your the best to ask as a mod for both areas. I put a thread in the 7M-GTE Eng Tech section titled My Instrument Cluster died. Well that alone tells you it in the wrong place. I have received help but would probably get more if its in the right place. My mistake, feel free to move it if you want, I'm guessing it should be in the MkIII Electrical section.
    Thanks, James.
    Yea Most definetly still have the supra, and still pro-legalization. Just been working on spiritual knowledge and kinda left SM in the dust :)
    Is it common for the ks to go bad and does it make it run barely. Its good in neutral but under load it struggles until affter like 3k rpm and i only make like 2 pounds of boost????
    Alright ill try to do that then and see what happens i checked for boost leaks also but nothing so that should be it ill do this and tell you how it go's when and were is the next supra meet.
    ya you need to fix that so either bad connection or the wiring is shot and you need shielded wire for that.
    Well the 32 is gone i switched the afm and hac but their is still the 52 when i got the car back they wernt connected and they didnt have the plugs on them so i solderd them on and still code 52 is this the reason my car runs like shit.
    Do not use anything to clean the afm. If its bad replace.
    52 is knock sensor
    32 is afm signal and hac sensor signal. Either the afm is bad or your wiring is bad or the hac sensor is bad.

    Check the knock sensor circuit out too.
    Hay dude i need help i got my car runnin it was the timming had the cam gear in the wrong hole but annyways i got two codes 32 and 52 i need to know how to clean my afm or what to use if you could help?
    will not enough psi let fuel come out of the injectors or is that still electrical because when i jump the fuel pump and ground out the injectors nothing comes out just hear the clicking sound of the injectors, i know for a fact theres fuel getting to the rail bot nothing comes out thats why i asked if fuel will come out of the injectors with low psi its really hot here so its hard for me to work on my car when i have it in my back yard under the sun that girl gets hot, so ima take awile to droop the tank and check out the pump and ill get back to you on it.
    It just cranks i done that thing were you pull the spark plug out and crank no fuel is coming out and i am getting spark, im also getting low fuel pressure its like at 15 or 20, will fuel come out of the injectors if it is that low if not how or wats the cause of the low fuel pressure. It is getting fuel to the fuel rail, i pinch'd the fuel return line and the fuel pressure shots up to 40 and drops back down fast.
    ok the ones to the harness are all rite, but there is one yellow one that i dont know if i have it rite its a plane yellow one with silver spots coming off the female plug, the one that runs from the dash, all the other ones are to there matching colors, y/r is to the y/r, the y/b is to the y/b, the y/gr is to the y/gr, but that plane one it has no mate there is a extra yellow and green one im going to hook the plane yellow to the yellow and green one and see wat happens.
    ok thanks i have the yellow clip but when i cut them they wer missed matchd i thought i wired them up the rite way, i dont know wat year harness i got is there a way i can tell maybe by the other clips on the harness that have not been cut and replaced. i think thats why the guy wired them all fuckd up, but my car says 86 but it is an 87 on the reg and it is a real turbo car i need to find out the year of the harness.
    I think i know wat mite be the problem it slipped my mine until i seen it today do you know the yellow clip that plugs in to the under dash wiring harness not the one that comes off the ecu but the one that comes off the engine harness and plugs up to that plug that runs back into the dash towards the ac or cluster well before i put my car together i got a longer piece from the junk yard and wired them up to make it longer so i could put it were it was supposed to be, i dont know wat it was for or if i wired it back the write way, is there a rite way or different ways for different years .
    It was a wire from the afm to the cold start but still nothing it does the same thing cranks fires but no fuel coming out of the injectors. I keep looking for missed match wires but nothing yet i look online for anything and alot of people have the same problemill try to get ahold of some of those people and see wats up.
    it has been sitting for a while in dusty weather and i bought it from a junk yard but it ran when i put it on before i blew it so ill check it in the morning and get back to you its 12 oclock i dont know if or when youll be getting back on if you want to you can give me your # so i can tell what i am doing to my car i really need it running i dont want to fix up my honda and sell my baby so thanks for all your help and keep it coming till i have my shit running hopefully soon.
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