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    ***Steve's 700HP Meth Single 2JZ MKIII (Soon 4 Sale!)

    Nice work! I love all the work you've put into this car, and the videos. I'm interested to see what it puts down at the track, I'm a terrible driver, and on low boost I managed to do an 11.9 at 126mph. I really want to see this thing in the 10's!
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    ***Steve's 700HP Meth Single 2JZ MKIII (Soon 4 Sale!)

    Well done Im really happy to see you taking care of some things that needed attention. Great work!
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    2JZ MK3 22psi vid!

    Miss this car Original build thread:
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    Compound 7M, first and only?

    Hey Seth, I cant believe I'm just now stumbling onto this thread. I've wanted to do this for a long time now.. give me a call sometime. I really want to come check this thing out. You've done an amazing job. Maybe I can join you for the dyno tune as an extra set of eyes/ears?
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    2jzge-T swap notes and pricelists

    It's all theory of course, just like the 2JZGE off 7M electronics was, but it makes a lot of sense if you look at all the necessary inputs for the 7MGTE. Also means you could run the 7MGTE off 1JZ electronics.
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    2jzge-T swap notes and pricelists

    The 7MGTE ECU will not run a 2JZGE VVTI (IS300) without running the proper crank trigger. Of course it would require tuning, and you'd lose VVT-i control. Top = 1jzgte/2jzgte/2jzge non-vvti (in some years) Bottom = 2JZGE VVTI Of course this also means a 2jzgte/1jzgte could...
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    Ongoing General MRSO Chat Area

    In that case it might be a while before I can make it :(.
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    Ongoing General MRSO Chat Area

    Hey guys, Long time - no check in. What are the thoughts on another May meet? Sadly, I couldn't make it lastyear :(.
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    2jzge NA-T 30 psi?

    Totally get the same vibe, so maybe we should offer another solution: OP: You're in highschool, and you want to go from a 7MGE to a 700+whp 2JZ in a 23 year old car? a) You posted this in the wrong section, thats why people think you have an N/A MKIV b) Your going to need to have a lot of...
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    2jzge NA-T 30 psi?

    If you're just going to immediately go single, I disagree with the post about going GTE instead of NA-T. 2JZGE with nothing but a thicker headgasket will handle the power you're looking for, but the tune AND octane are crucial, no detail is to be ignored.
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    Detonation detection. Cheap and simple.

    I'm sharing one of my tools I use to detect detonation when tuning various motors. I'm testing waters to see if this is something that members of the forum would be interested in. I use a factory Toyota knock sensor, wire it to a 3.5mm headphone jack, and use it to record dyno/street WOT...
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    2jz swap

    JDM 2JZGE's are going to be MAP based instead of AFM/MAF based like USDM(depending on year). The JDM 2JZGE's have no EGR system. Are you planning on running it off the stock 2JZGE ECU? Many members have had great results running the 2JZGE's off 7MGTE electronics, myself included.
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    Ticking Noise Only Under Load (91 N/A w/W58)

    Might be an EGR cooler leak from the back of the head. Do you hear it at cold start? If it's louder at cold start it is more than likely an exhaust leak (as poodle said). I'd check the EGR Cooler at the back of the head first.