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  • hey Scott if you could next time you have free time shoot me a PM i was going to ask you some questions about doing a 2jz swap in my mk3. thank you
    Hey Scott, I don't know if I've contacted you before, but I've heard you're one of the best at tuning Supras and wanted to get you to look mine over one fine day. Everyone I've talked to tells me you've tuned the shit out of Supras so much that you could probably do it in your sleep, and I've been steadily upgrading mine to keep her roadworthy and for future HP levels.

    Thanks! - Allen
    Hey, I was looking on the engines thread looking for a sc300 engine in a mark 3, you may be my new role model. gooood job by the way. Thank you for giving me renewed hope.
    SHe lives again :D

    New tranns runs like a champ :) switching the shift forks and such was a little tricky but luckily i had my buddy there to help out, it was a fun couple days with in adequate tools haha

    Just an update :)
    Hey, I bought your 7mgte a few years ago, just wanted to let you know nothing was wrong with it, I thought it spun a rod or had piston slap or something the first time we started it, and I was pretty pissed...but it ended up just being a stuck valve or lifter or something cause it just went away after some sticky lifter additive. The cars still not 100% done, but it runs very well and smooth, and Im happy with the engine. I had to put a new turbo on it though wich kinda sucked but oh well. It has some wiring problems I think because as soon as it hits boost it cuts out till i let off the gas, new iscv is in the mail cause thats shot too. Just letting you know whats going on with your old powerplant, take care.
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