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  • thank you for the purchase great easy transaction, pleasure doing buisness with you
    Thanks! I appreciate the comments; not too many people know much about the 1G besides "it's only 2 litres therefore it's slow!" I love it, and it sounds pretty good at 8000rpm! It'll sound even better once I replace what's left of the factory piping that's half rotted.
    Got the Apexi SAFCII. Good transaction, good price and good shipping. Thanks Guyana00!!!
    I will send the money tomorrow. I will notifiy u by noon!! my supra will be complete. today i got my wideband. tomorrow I get the afc. sorry for the delay.
    Just wanted to say hey! Still haven't found my TEMS controllers, been thru 4 boxes.
    They are bound to show up I have a few more places to look, I have always kept every
    thing that I have taken off the car so they should be here. When I do find them I'll PM
    you, you can send me your address and I'll send them out.
    Cordially, Fred
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