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  • I dont frequent this forum much anymore. You can always get ahold of us thru email at or find us on Facebook! Search Zankoku Performance and we'll be the only result.
    Ok Ace, everyone is paid up in full for the round 5 coilover buy. What kind of time frame are we looking at to see product at our doorsteps?
    wheel got here friday, installed it on sunday... awesome product my man!!! i gave you a shout out im my build thread, stop by and take a look.
    hi grimsta,

    just wanted to be clear on how much the performance pkg would be if shipped to T3H 2V7 without caliper cores. and what would be the waiting time on a set of x1 coilovers?
    hey man I need to order the rear trailing arm bushing part number 16.7107
    and the rear compensator arm bushing 8309 my name is ed duarte and these parts are for a 92 acura integra gs-r i ordered a master kit from you a few weeks ago and you should already have my card info but if you dont hit me up thanks boostED90
    Please do not post technical questions on this page. This is for friends and chatting. Take technical questions to pm's where they are more likely to get answered. Thank you, Jay
    Hello Iwas wondering what the price of JVT's 2 Row rad for 7MGTE would be posted to the UK?

    Many Thanks

    Angelo Di-Tommaso
    Got my most recent PM? I seem to have problems with them lately....
    I already have 3 persons definitely in and 1 person depends on the making-time of these. :)
    I just found your radiator group buy. So I was wondering if I paypaled you now when could I possibly expect it to reach 97333. and how much would shipping be to that zip? Thanks.
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