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  • Ok so did the tear down the valve wasnt burned it was the head bolts they were loose *******?????? have some ideas but thats beside the point. I have never seen that before. Also found some scoring on the cylinder walls that leaves me scratching my head wondering what happened but I'm pulling all that here as soon as I get the engine on my engine stand. Ill write more in here as soon as I find time/more progress on the rebuild.
    Have had my supra for 3 months now Love her to death but finding issues that I was worried was going to come up that leads me to tearing into the engine here shortly. number six cylinder is only running 130 psi did some tests the exhaust valve is burned. probably due to the exhaust bolts backing out on the exhaust manifold. The heater core is bad so im loosing coolant and constantly have to check to make sure that it is toped off. I love this car though and its about to be pulled into my shop for some well needed TLC. I didn't want to have to tear the engine out untill i had a spare one already built. such is my life though lol
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