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    Supra outline thing

    Wow, searching for the outline again and run across my own thread lol. Zolpix if you still happen to have that drawing somewhere it would be insanely appreciated as I'm finally in a spot where I can do the tattoo. It's funny cus the chick that I was married to.....WAS married to get...
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    Gata be something better

    Customs how do you mount that? And yea I don't have the heat shield, it was removed at some point, I'll hafta do something about it
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    Gata be something better

    Well it's not me I don't think, I've had manual all my life and Supras for the majority if it, this isn't my only one currently it's just the only one that goes out this fast, I feel like it may be because it's rhd and it's right above exhaust, I may replace and make some kinda heat shield but...
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    Mk3 with mk4 front cap???

    My .02 is that as said before it's your car, I'll never knock it out wright because it's not mine thus my opinion is moot. However I do have an opinion and I think it's a horrible idea, the mkiii is an 80's bruiser, that's what It was meant to be and it's looks make it concrete, changing that...
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    Gata be something better

    So I'm in search of a better clutch master cyl. I'm so tired of replacing once every year or two, is gere not an aftermarket one or maybe one from another car that will work? So frustrating
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    MKIII camber... trying to debunk this "mkiii supra suspension sucks" myth

    So did lotus have a hand in the mkiii as well? I knew of the mkii but didn't ever hear of the mkiii till now
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    What is the most rare mk3 supra part do you own

    In the past 6 months a friend called me up, he and his boss restore old corollas, well his boss Dave worked for the local Toyota place long ago and still goes back for parts all the time, one day they said a set of mkiii louvers he sold someone bck in 87 were still on the shelf, paid for but the...
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    Wheel shops that rebarrel?

    I fully intend on widening some sawblades to about 10" in the near future fwiw, there's a local place here that does wheel repair and things like widening
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    Wheel help!!

    Lol I don't have the money for em, wish I did
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    Wheel help!!

    Anybody else have input?
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    *NWS* THE redhead thread

    Can we please revive this? Lol
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    Wheel help!!

    Haha I would if he didn't need em lol, and yea it's a convert, but I love it, rhd feels 100% more natural to drive, and I wana test fit but I hafta drive an hour an some change away for em, I'm leaning super hard on just getting them and taking the leap of faith, Cus at the end of the day I can...
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    Wheel help!!

    Let's try that, photo bucket for the win
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    Wheel help!!

    I'm on my cell so I can't do pics easy but it's a rhd digital dash 87 with a 2j big single swap, 18psi, old school recaro Ls seat, and a set of factory louvers that I got about three months ago NEW IN BOX, lol yes FACTORY louvers NEW in box, still can't find that horseshoe that's up my ass, but...