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    1jz v-band inlet exhaust manifold options??
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    Please Help Me : Wiring Connector Identification

    Hi There: Trying to put an 88 MA70 back together. Main Hurdles: - had a kid since unplugging everything, memory is poor - a/c and other items are gone, so some of these don't plug into anything anyways - previous owner(s) made a mess, shit was spliced/cut everywhere - don't have an...
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    Question(s) about importing a Toyota Soarer

    Call Steve at the following info: Tell him you were referred by Evan from Canada. He will answer all your questions and can get the car to your doorstep.
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    Quarter Panel Vents - Do they do anything really?

    On most Supras I have owned: 1: The vents in the door jams #62850/62860 (see pic) are rotted. 2: The B-Pillar trim/vents #92955A (see Pic) are loose/faded/worn. Do these really do anything of actual value? I suspect it has something to do with air pressure when closing the doors but...
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    Drop-in LED Headights

    maybe you are lol i am installing the LED's will post a review
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    Drop-in LED Headights

    I have decided that HID's are gay. By the time you do it properly: Hella Glass H4 Housings or Proper Projector Retrofit ($100-$300) Quality HID kit that wasn't made in a country with child labor ($200-$300) Proper wiring with relays and proper gauge wiring to prevent flickering and ballast...
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    Drop-in LED Headights

    I just purchased these : $400 shipped for two - review coming soon
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    New Project: Garage Fujimoto A70

    Thanks, it's not bad pretty clean. That said it also needs 100 small things fixed so it is going to get much much better
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    A70 MKIII Tow Truck (well sort of lol)

    Most people call me odd, I say resourceful. Car's gotta earn it's parts by towing the parts car haha
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    New Project: Garage Fujimoto A70

    I am currently taking inventory of all the parts I have to prepare them for the new car!
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    poly subframe bushings kit

    Ronnie LOL. If it was for you, you would have a PM haha
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    poly subframe bushings kit

    Sent you a PM. Please reply, Thanks
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    coilovers - difference front to back

    Top Tip: When you put the upper a-arm giant bolt back in: Put a jack/stand under the spindle to set the arm at ride height prior to torquing the nut