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    1.5jz with CT12A's using a GE block

    That's what I was worried about also. Alright, I know tapping the feeds on the block is the best way, but I am going do what suprakidd mentioned and run the two 4's across. Thanks for the replies guys!!
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    1.5jz with CT12A's using a GE block

    :icon_bigg No hiding anything anymore here, my street racing days are over for the most part. Albert built the twins, they are stuffed with GT2860RS 62trim wheels on the compressor side, and he puts in larger steel wheels on the turbine side. He also bored out the wastegate ports to 34mm. So...
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    1.5jz with CT12A's using a GE block

    I am doing a 1.5jz buildup with a GE block, with plans to use modified CT12A's. I have sourced some fittings to use soft lines with the stock turbos. So I am looking for info on running the feed lines. The block has not been tapped so I will be using an oil filter adapter. I am planning to...
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    HOW TO: Door Panel Arm Rest Rebuild

    Very cool man thanks for posting that up. Gotta do that to mine soon.
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    1JZ into 94 GS300, transmission question.

    Sweet man, I can't wait to boost mine. It's fun right now N/A, but it needs more, A LOT more. Got any pics? I was going to do an Aristo swap as well into the GS, but the Aristo 2J I have is all apart right now. And I have just gotten tired of the GS being slow, and really have always wanted...
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    Fuel tank drain plug size

    I would also like to know.
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    1JZ into 94 GS300, transmission question.

    Thanks guys, I assumed the bell housing patterns would be the same, just wasn't sure about the converter going into and flex plate bolting up to, the 1J block. I have not had a chance to try them, as the Aristo trans is in the GS which is still being driven currently. Sitting outside the shop...
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    1JZ into 94 GS300, transmission question.

    Dropping the 1JZ out of my Supra into my 94 GS. Question is, the GS already has an Aristo trans in it, that has been beefed up. With the 1JZ engine, which transmission can I use? The 1JZ right now, has a JZA70 Supra auto behind it. That I cannot use with out getting a custom driveshaft done...
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    Dealt with Alamo Motorsports?

    Good people, I did an order with them and had it set for next day air. Got a call from them later that day, letting me know they could ship it ground to save me some jack. And with us both being in FL it would still get there the following day. And they gave me a discount code I could use on...
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    Random Pics 6: Attack of the .gif (( NWS ))

    Sorry to double post like this but I found one more from a loooooooong time ago, while I was doing my 1JZ swap. I think we can all relate to it.
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    Random Pics 6: Attack of the .gif (( NWS ))

    My contribution And lastly one of my daily....
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    A340E Repair Manual

    Thank you for posting this!! You have no idea how much it is helping me out right now.
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    DO NOT BUY Powerspirit CT26

    Now that is an interesting thought!!
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    Greddy Emanage Blue Error Code 27

    Car is an '88, 1JZ with a 67mm turbo, purple top 550's. E manage blue with E-01. This error pops up only when the car is running, which has only been at idle the past couple days I've been playing with it. Car needs some tranny work so I haven't been able to drive it, just letting it idle in...