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    Anyone selling supra in ITALY?

    Anyone selling any supras in italy or near italy??
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    Stupid car problem. Answer.

    Ight, recently did a headgasket job, 7mgte. Car running fine until I changed my sparkplubs n now my car shuts off at stops, or wont idle, btw I bought cheap copper plugs nsk. Wat could be the problem? Ideas?
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    Coolant/water leak from....

    idle control valve hose, right underneath the hose, i bought a new hose, still leaks from hose, now im thinking its the idle control valve needs replacement.
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    7mge to 7mgte difficulty.

    Maybe a stupid question, but is it hard to convert a 7mge to a 7mgte? my dad bought a 7mge motor with the tranny and wanted to add a turbo on. Any tips thanks.
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    Fresno,California SUPRAS!

    Hey anyone in Fresno,CA wanna help me rebuild my 7mgte =D ? And if so hit me up.