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    anybody near fairchild afb that can help my sister with her car?

    Ij... You odb.... She is young enough to be your daughter! She got it fixed, it was a bad coil
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    alloy rear subframe bushings

    ok... bought a set of bushings off a friend on facebook... supposed to be from a group buy here, they look more like spacers? my question is there are 4 the same thickness and 2 that are thicker? what goes where? no instructions of course...:1zhelp:
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    2jz-gte 1946 chevy truck

    i like it... planning on similar myself... 50 plymouth fastback...+7mgte auto.... unsure about the suspension... probably a mustang 2 and the mk3 rear...
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    Conducting an ALCOHOL survey for my class

    done... but what is the obsession with rum...?
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    Why? Because racecar!

    umm..... wow
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    whats a engine block worth ?

    id start at 150$.... kinda depends on condition...and area... but around here olds big blocks are usually in this range. do a search of your areas cl and see what they have been listed for.
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    Well, looks like I'm out of the Supra scene

    i was really tempted on this car... coulda had a southern supra to drive around to replace the pickup i store in my parents barn in hoptown... glad you sold it, at least stick around and give advice from time to time
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    The All-Mk3 Supra Gallery

    Still my favorite way to fix a transmission
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    The All-Mk3 Supra Gallery

    Hey.. Do you still have my burnout pict... Throw that one up...
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    anybody near fairchild afb that can help my sister with her car?

    well, hopefully a simple tune up helps her out, if not... mot much i can do. she said it only happens sometimes, and only at idle... if someone could help her with a tune up and maybe a compression check... i would be grateful. what engine is in the is250? its not a jz is it?
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    anybody near fairchild afb that can help my sister with her car?

    07 lexus is250 rough idle... occasionally... it has a stored code p301... #1 cyl misfire... but the light is not currently on. im in nd so i cant help her... but as an older bro... i would like to find her a solution. she does not have a lot of cash. she is in the airforce and has access to the...
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    Wrecked my 89 M/T turbo shell on the way to the paint shop yesterday (7/12/2013)

    im non local as it gets... but i have a mostly rust free shell im going to cut up and scrap... what do you need?
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    should I sell it for 1,500?

    If you do use PayPal only accept the money as a gift... This eliminates any disputes via PayPal it also disables bill me later and credit cards. I have a completely separate email account for my Paypal. , I only use it for PayPal. Worrying about someone having an email address is like worrying...
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    Supra vs mustang king of the streets I think Found it with details