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    E-Brake Spring Kit?

    Does anyone know where i can find the E Brake spring kit for a MKIII Supra? And or, can i use a kit from a different Toyota? Thanks!
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    Had an idea for body moldings

    Someone please do this. I have been pushing this idea for the longest! I spoke with CFX, Shineautoproject, etc. No one seems to want to get behind it.
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    ED & CC: Carbon Fiber Parts

    89+ moldings please!!!
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    New wheels: Work FS. '87 Turbo

    Your car is pure flavor!!! 4th picture is poetry!!!
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    Whoah! When did Greenman get a Supra...

    Cool! NA with Turbo moldings.:icon_bigg
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    End of 2007 Project.

    Is that a replica kit? Looks real good!!!
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    Element256 - The SILV Experience

    Any more pics of that black MKIII with the gold Volks? Nice Pics.
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    Ok, I guess its my turn

    Great thread!!! What kind of suspension are you running? Thanks!
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    Tein or Megan?

    Any pictures of the Megan setup? Thanks.
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    New Pics of Both Supras

    Very Nice!!! What suspension set up is on the grey car? Thanks.
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    mkIII/cressida meet...(IL)

    Im In. More info Please.
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    Everything Bomex

    Sides and Rears, please. Thanks.