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  • from edmonton alberta. 4 feet of snow on the ground right now haha only drifting im doing is in my 4 runner. i have always wanted to build a 7m, matter of fact that was my original plan. but the 2j sucked me in. where are you from?
    thanks man ! i dont really take it to heart when people hate, after all its for me to enjoy right? ive got a feww still shots of me getting a feel for the car in a practice. unfortunately last year was the first year that the swap was complete and i blew the tranny very early in the season. this year will have more vids and photos, ill be sure to post them up
    I just got the motor back from the machine shop. I still need to send the turbo out to be upgraded then I can can start assembling.
    I ended up fixing the truck the next day. I knew it was an ignition problem so i started poking around and saw that one of the plug wires had been pinched. The insulation was cut so the spark was going straight to ground. Some electrical tape to hold it over until the new wires get in and she's running like a champ now.
    Almost five hours. That poor truck was really struggling trying to haul that engine over the mountains.
    I'm in Tracy. I'm on the209forums.com a lot, you should check it out, not many supra's but a lot of cool people, and we have a lot of meets in the area. I'm under the same screen name.
    i just bought a 87 supra turbo 5 speed motor knocks all orginal 248xxx on it i want to buy a new motor and tranny i wanted to know if anyone knows were should i get it from? i've looked at numerous websites and i just wanted to get some advice from some veterans.........thank you
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