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  • nice meeting you at e-town too

    did you see the pictures i took of the car yet? i went back last saturday and took some phone pictures

    then the guy said he will definitely call me first when he's ready to sell it...after we got to talking he said to just find out how much it's worth and he'll sell it to me for that....i could lie but i'm gonna give him the KBB value

    wish me luck man!

    also, i'm gonna have the shop that did my motor swap do it...i'm not gonna have you come from long island for this
    Lol 3.4 stroker i won't be able to mess wit you after that you bastard don't worry i'll have something for u one day
    lol well hurry up and get that beast running can't wait to see her on the road that shit is gonna be sick. i think ur gonna be the reason i go wit a 1.5j
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