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    Performance shop in Eugene

    answer. drive down to your local muffler shop, theyll be glade to drill a hole and weld the bung on for you.plug, then find your self a jack,and car stands then install it your self.
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    Anyone know who owns this car

    whats up. your photo expired ,send another could be my car.
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    cracked cylinder?

    Ive recently essembled a block.seamed to have a slight mis before the first five hundred mls.then the dreded hydrolock. so question? could you crack the clinders buy to mutch heat?yes 5 and 6 were cracked at the water jackets locations.the scoop, head is milled to .0022. 1mm head...
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    supra tech question?

    yes thank you .ive reset the ecu,have droped all but 51,52. after replacing both knock it typical for the engine light to come on after 1/4 throttle.? i do have voltage to the sensors. and voltage from the ecu...
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    how PERFECT does the rod bearing surface need be?

    yo loki lets build it!. your ok if theyve ben resized to round,did you get new bushings pressed in? yes you can run a standerd bering,remembering to buy the ten or twenty thousands bering for the journal reduction.crank and rod .or just rod.dont forget to plasty gauge! have fun.double check your...
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    supra tech question?

    my question is in the electrical dept. im throwing codes, #22,24,31,32,52,51. so ive since checked body grounds,replaced the air meter electronics,then new code for water sencer when i replaced it ,22.the nock sencers i have ,so i can replace 52.for 51 im thinking im not running ac all unpluged...
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    The long Awaited SupraHero 1JayZ Build

    wow! nice build jay, showstoper forshow!
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    MKIII cruz in, thought.

    funny guys, this is a place to meet car talk,car show.not destination to drink. i will not be drinking.and will not encourage others to drink also. this will be a credible cruz in to find out whos who, car moding sales trades. maybe the twenty under crowd should stay tell me?
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    MKIII cruz in, thought.

    oh ya,um im not shure of the day time laws,but yes i think so before 9pm. you can go inbut thier will be food and non alcoholic good for prizes but dont worrey their will be a party out side.
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    MKIII cruz in, thought.

    Ive ben thingking of a MK meet. so i talked it over with the ant and uncle to have one at the tavern or somewhere,only because theyve had several classic shows.and will no how to cater for it.location salem at the free loader tavern will give directionsfor here or elswere,the parking is gravel...
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    Overboosting to 15psi..Was at 12psi.

    yo,its like this. when you over charge a stock system with a/f somethings got to give, your wast gate is opening,so you can shim the wast can with 1/8" washers ,it will stifin the spring and can work up to 10-12lbs .ok fuel will cut at 14.5Lbs so run 10to 12 with stock head gasket or it wont...
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    welcome. here for your porting needs. fast,port,racing.
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    Another UK newbie

    well, ive personally done countless helicoils with no failers.i can only amagine did the macheinest drill the hole comletely to the back of the hole ?and did the coil flush all the way in on its own.?were the studs installed all the way in and tightend?
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    wow! good job matt,with the v8 super build. very nice picks of the blk supra.