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    Oil Pump Drive Shaft upgrade

    Hello everyone. I've been hearing a slight noise from the oil pump drive shaft area, only when the engine is cold. After researching the issue here, I've learned about the failure of the oil pump drive shaft retainer and collar. Unfortunately the collar and retainer are discontinued. I bought...
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    The dreaded coolant heater banjo pipe...LEAVE IT ALONE! Any advice? VIDEO ADDED!!!!

    I disagree with removing/unbolting the engine and transmission to repair this issue. First, trying to work the fitting with about 1000 lbs of dangling metal doesn't sound fun OR safe. You could bump a brittle part of the engine and break something else. You could hurt your self if your lift...
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    The dreaded coolant heater banjo pipe...LEAVE IT ALONE! Any advice? VIDEO ADDED!!!!

    You mentioned how difficult it was to remove after just a few turns. So even if it was staring you right in the face with no interference, you are back at square one with the real possibility of ruining the cylinder head. Which would be a real shame to abandon the remaining service life of a 7M...
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    Where did everyone go?

    I live in this area and you are lucky to get 5 years out of a brand new vehicle before your fuel lines rot away due to the government issued corrosive agents they dose the road with. I believe it is a conspiracy to make you keep buying new vehicles and fund the government.
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    No power to any accessories.

    Drop the subframe and support the engine from above. Then you can remove the oil pan.
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    CT26 Turbine oil seal

    It seems that my turbine oil ring seal was leaking so I took on the task of disassembling and rebuilding my 31 year old never been touched CT26. Soaking the seam where the CHRA and turbine housing met with automatic transmission fluid aided in the task. 4 lb sledge hammer, 6 in bench vise and...
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    Mix matched valve seals??

    hvyman, yes I realized this when I bought a set of supertech valve seals. The exhaust side are made of viton and are blue in color. The intake side are made of polyacrylic and are brown in color. The seals that I removed were brown and black on the intake side and brown and black on the exhaust...
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    Mix matched valve seals??

    Hello. I replaced my head gasket 12 years ago. The machine shop I used told me to leave the camshafts in the cylinder head and bring it to them assembled. They hot tanked it, cut the gasket surface and returned it to me and told me it's all set. $400 was the charge but that supposedly included...
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    Pyrometer install

    I need to install a pyrometer, I know the best place is pre turbo but there is really no where to get an accurate reading on the stock exhaust manifold. Where should i put it? I have the turbo and exhaust manifold off the engine.
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    Crankshaft " Pulley" ????!!!

    This is the ONLY post that makes any logical sense. Not press fit guys, thats why there is a BOLT securing the timing gear/crankshaft harmonic balancer assembly. Guess you "mechanics" haven't looked at anything but a Toyota engine. Go look at the crankshaft harmonic balancer on a straight...
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    Crankshaft " Pulley" ????!!!

    That engine must have been beat on pretty hard, because mine came off by hand.
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    1998 Contour SVT

    I bought this car for $2K in 2010. Limited production only 4400 made in 1998 and only 11,000 made total 1998-2000. I thought I stole this car. First sign of trouble was only under a load next to a wall, I could hear ticking like an exhaust manifold leak. After 2 years of driving it the...