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    Speedo driven gear installation

    There is one bolt holding it in. I believe it's 10mm, and it holds a small metal tab that fits a notch on the driven gear. Then you just pull the sucker straight out (good time to change your oil). It's a gigantic pain in the ass with the trans/exhaust installed.
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    2012 Calendar Submissions

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    I beg your wisdom of coolanty goodness.

    Then it's definitely not going to be fun for you. I have smaller hands and I can't even fit my hand back there to really install it easily. I think Grimjack's idea is the best option for you here.
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    I beg your wisdom of coolanty goodness.

    I hope you have smaller hands, that hose is definitely a pain to swap out. You might want to pregame for it.. ;)
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    I swear to toyota i found supra heaven!

    Imagine the movie "Wrong Turn", and now imagine it with the cannibal's shack surrounded by dilapidated Toyotas. You guys can feel free to call him, but the dude is barely literate, and probably stoned on meth for the prices he wants. Only $4500 for this beautiful NA "target top" car that...
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    I swear to toyota i found supra heaven!

    Don't go killing anyone now..;) The guy's prices are pretty expensive. Troy 910-237-8421
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    Sad day - How bad is it?

    The blue is the portion of the road covered in ice, and the red is my path of travel. Hitting the brakes, or pulling the parking brake would have likely made the car go into a spin. I have owned my MK3 for nearly 8 years, and I wouldn't purposely drive it in bad conditions. The ice on the...
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    Sad day - How bad is it?

    I've been pretty busy since the little accident,but I found this nice blue car that happened to be an organ donor :icon_bigg After some help from a friend.. Shouldn't be long now! Forgot to note that the pre89 metal support for the nose cone is not compatible with the 89+ stuff.
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    Found One of My Past Supra In the Junk Yard Today...

    Odd to see nicer condition Supras in the junkyard. I'm also wondering why it was ditched. I agree. I was driving down the road one day and this caught my eye..made a U turn to confirm what I saw.
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    Sad day - How bad is it?

    Thanks for the help guys. I'm going to source the parts I need to replace and go from there. We do drivebys around here with .50BMG rifles I help out when I can on Supraforums, but going to SF for knowledge is like going to Lowes to learn how to build a house. Yes, take a heavy car and hit...
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    Sad day - How bad is it?

    I happened to have another intercooler pipe, so I put it on and drove around the block. The car seems to drive straight without a problem. It probably wouldn't hurt to get an alignment, but it doesn't feel that it got knocked out of place. The fender got bowed out a little, and the headlight...
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    Sad day - How bad is it?

    I left the driveway looking like this: Coming back home around a slight curve into the neighborhood I saw ice. All I could do was slow down to around 15mph before I hit the ice. I slid about 100 feet into a telephone pole and broke it in half. The foglight pushed back into the...
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    Comprehensive Lighting Modification Thread

    I agree, did you use drop in LED bulbs or did you do something custom with the lighting?
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    Minecraft: My Personal Choice for Video Game of the Year

    Uhhh..they would have to pay me more than $15 to play that game for more than an hour. Although, I can see how it would be amazing and innovative had it been released 20 years ago.
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    The (old) Official Gun Thread.

    Re: The Official Gun Thread. too small for what?