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    Anyone know the shelf life of Nitromethane??

    NEGATIVE NANCY! :icon_mad:
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    Anyone know the shelf life of Nitromethane??

    In for vid of you throwing some on a fire. but yea nitro gas goes bad super fast.
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    New Yob

    Selling is a requirement. I LOVE sales :love: So far the job is going great although waiting 2 weeks for my first paycheck is getting really annoying!:icon_mad:
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    New Yob

    which is why I'm glad I dont work for the guy anymore. it takes a real classy guy to lay someone off via voicemail. im closer to home making 12k more a year :icon_bigg
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    New Yob

    As some of you know I do two jobs, run A2 and my 9-5 day job. Last week I was laid off from my old job with no warning. I was actualy laid off via voicemail to give you an idea the kind of person I used to work for. I applied at a few places and ended up landing a job as a service advisor...
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    What do you guys shave with? (gals too if you wish)

    I use a mach 3, but will be changing to a single blade safty razor when im out of blades
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    Joinin USAF

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    Quick funny summary of Democrat vs Republican

    at the end of the day most transients are in the place they are because of drugs. its hard to become homeless, and STAY homeless if your not wasting money on drugs or alcohol.
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    Stock pressure plate Upgrade disc?

    why not just buy a stock replacement then :nono:
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    Farewell to tha Supra

    sucks what happned to your supra. Why wernt you wearing a seat belt?
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    Got a Shipment In

    yup thats what stoptech recomends too
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    Who's drunk right now!?

    some girl was askin for my friends phone number... i told her it was 1 800 beat it.... lol i got slapped.
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    What type of torque wrench do you all use to work on your Supra?

    it worth it. TRUST me. a high quality torque wrench is worth every penny :icon_bigg
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    Got a Shipment In

    :biglaugh::biglaugh: I love when someone tells me they bought from somewhere else, yet that place still bought from me :biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh: