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    2jz needs and dont needs + bonus ?

    I was expecting, dirt, any caked on oil and grease, etc from you two :P
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    Coolant leaking from area intake mounts to

    Unless someone Catches this sooner I'll take a peek when I get home here shortly, to get you your info on it. but I do know there is a coolant fitting on that intake runner. I'll snag ya some pics in a bit!
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    Coolant leaking from area intake mounts to

    The coolant from the throttle body drains down into the hose fitting on the intake runner there.
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    Quick question about c/canister valve BVSV?

    Well that will be rectified soon! It's a weird feeling when there isn't much left on the car to fix XD. I've been giving the TLC bringing it back from the brink it was received it long ago. Only reason there is a test pipe on it now is because it didn't have any exhaust when I got it! I...
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    Quick question about c/canister valve BVSV?

    So I finally just set the wrenches down and got a good chance. From a previous post it was said it's temperature controlled. I know my CC is not plugged I can pull air through it really easily. The problem is on Decell on a big pull the car just stinks. I don't run a cat but would it...
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    Quick question about c/canister valve BVSV?

    The valve on top of thermostat housing that runs to intake and charcoal canister. Is it strictly a one way valve or does it only open at a certain temp? When engine is cold will it or is it supposed to allow and air flow in one direction or the other? I just want to make sure mine is...
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    How Cold?

    had -19 here in NW Iowa thankfully the wind wasn't blowing. 5 today
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    Code 12, Cam Position Sensor failure

    How destroyed is that belt? the cams not turning while that thing cranking on must of shredded that thing..
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    New guy.

    Welcome and nice rig :)
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    NOTICE : Stolen Supra

    I'm about 7 hours outside of Chicago area, I hope this gets found, ill pass it around, What a beautiful car.
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    Timing belt walk

    Possibly meant the Guide Ring on the crank pulley. the ring tacks have been known to pop and it allows the belt to walk.
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    Fresh build problems! Need help

    ^ This Lol, before I knEw that fork just pulled out I use to fight and bitch getting that E-clip and pin out, boy did I feel like an idiot when I read the TSRM
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    88 MKIII for sale

    Any pictures?
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    Parking Brake Hardware

    Ordered, thanks piratetip!
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    Parking Brake Hardware

    Unless I'm missing it but I found the shoes for the parking brake but not the hardware that ties the shoes together under the rotor. I'll check out supra store.