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  • Hey everyone, my name is Cory and I've been a Supra owner for 7 years now, and I've been through a lot with this car. I bought it as my first ride at 16, and now I'm almost 23 and have done nothing but love and enjoy this chassis. Finally glad to be a part of SupraMania, I've read threads for years and it's time to start my own build thread.
    Hello, everyone. I'm Lukas and I'm on my third Supra. Had both an MI and MII in the recent past. Now I have a 1990 MIII GTE. It's red, sport top, less than 185,000 miles on it. Has a blown head gasket ( imagine that ) and another problem I will ask about in the proper forum. Glad I found this site. Wish I had it years ago.
    Yessir...still kicking around on the SS of Indy. Haven't been driving the Supra much since July since I just got a 2005 4 Runner Sport 4WD. Started having alot of little problems with the Supra, so she will be gettng alot of work done over the winter hopefully (nothing fun - heater core, AC, radiator, power window motors & switches and attempting to by-pass the tailight sensor (hopefully) as it also took a crap). I am also ditching the cheap ass Godspeed coilovers that I installed a couple of years ago as the dampers seem to going bad (already returned the fronts under warranty as the upper ball mount came apart, then the bushings basically shredded after I had reinstalled the new coil overs). I like the stance and the ride isn't bad, but you get what you pay for. Thinking about new shocks and lowering springs or some better COs.
    What have you been up to?
    Hey man I just read somewhere that you have you sprayed your trunk with bed liner. Do you have any pictures of this?
    Hey man its John aka TheRude1,wht wrx c/f hood, friend of MDC motorsports John.
    I need to see if I can post a wanted add on this board of Winged Warrior, we are expanding the board and are looking for people
    Who should I ask ?
    And is the offer still open for Best Buy to throw us some people to help with the event ? If so looks like May,14,2010
    If you can just give me a call 317-694-7519
    hey jeff do me a favor give me a call i have a question i need answered just if you get some time
    do you have a blown r154 that you want to sell and ship to NY, please send me a price to
    I believe I'll be there during the day on the 9th and driving back at night time. I'm leaving Evansville around 6ish or so. I'll need to leave around then if it starts around 9 or so. That's the drag and dyno day correct? I wont drag because in like two days after the meet ive got a 12 hr drive back to texas so driving the shit out of it may not be a good idea lol.

    Thanks man! 60+ cars? Even if only half show up that'd be cool.
    Awesome! I may be able to come to it. Some friends of mine are graduating on the 9th so I may only be able to make it on the 10th.

    Thanks for letting me know man I really appreciate it!

    Thanks man I really appreciate it. Yeah I am in Evansville, how did you know that? IP tricks?

    Absolutely man I really appreciate it! I'd love to make it to the TX2K9 (thats where I'm from) but its just so far of a drive and the times dont match up with my spring break at UE.

    Thanks Jeff!


    What time would the 2K9 meet be?
    Hey my name is Nick and I live in Indiana 10 months out of the year for school... Can I be a part of this club? (Indiana Supras Club) Or is full time residence a necessity?

    Are you the moderator for that club?

    Anyone in southern Indiana?

    I've got a 2JZ-GE-T 89 White Supra.

    Can I join? (Crossing fingers)
    I did hear the bad news. what a shock. I still cant believe it.
    I've been doing ok, working alot of OT last couple months.
    I garaged the supra two weeks after chi2k8 and havent done a thing to it since.
    maybe next year if I get ambitious. or sell it and find one with a 2jz already swapped.
    Nice vids btw. are you going to make them into a dvd?
    take care, nice hearing from ya.
    4 inches...?!?!

    This is really big!!!!....isn't it?.................for a Korean man.

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