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    Guv'na's Tavern

    I recently heard of that as well. Not sure if it's still going, but I'm going to try looking into it.
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    Anyone done a t56 swap?

    Which group buy would that be?
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    Anyone done a t56 swap?

    I have not, but I've considered this: If the listing is to be believed, it could be a really good option. Hopefully someone with first hand experience can chime in.
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    engine importers

    Anyone know of a good engine importer in Oregon/WA? I've considered ordering over the internet, but wouldn't mind seeing what I'm buying. I'm in the Portland area, but willing to drive.
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    Going to the dyno tomorrow.

    It's a shame he was shutting it down so early, I'd like to see what it makes on the big end. Great numbers though!
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    Guv'na's Tavern

    I'm not exactly Northwest but just moved to the Portland area from so cal. Been looking to get started hitting up a few car meets.
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    Wheel Fitment & Question Thread

    What size tires do you hope to use?
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    CajunKenny's Build Thread

    Long time, mostly lurker, but still here
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    Modifying CPS to use AEM Engine Position Module

    You should do a write up. Looks pretty good in their too.
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    Someone is causing a ruckus

    Looks like I did a repost
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    Stereo Install Help

    Glad you got it sorted. Stereo installs are always fun. Do you mind posting a pic of the A80 unit in the A70? Curious to see how it looks installed. Does the A80 have RCA outputs for the amp, or have you modified the head unit to have pre-amp outputs? Thanks
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    ECU Options

    You mention there is a built in WB02 controller... Does this mean a unit like the zeitronix or LC1 is not necessary? If not, how well can it interface with one? I have a NIB zeitronix with LCD gauge that I would like to use in the place of my ash tray. Do you think they will play nice together...
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    Someone is causing a ruckus

    Well I always like finding supra videos, but this is one of those situations where it wasn't positive. The twitter video clearly shows a white mkIII supra acting foolishly. This is definitely not contributing positively to the tuner car image...
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    Found a GEM

    Nice find. I'm sure that will go along way towards his love of cars and make a cool keep sake when he looks back on the cool car his dad had!
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    TEIND EDFC Install

    still looking for pics if anyone has them?