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  • Hey arron i got my shift knob in the mail today looks great bro i love it will be buying more stuff from you soon thanks.
    I need your help. I have been reading about the supra mkiii multiplex ignition and how everyone is changing it out to the IS300 setup. Back in early 2007 you agreed with the majority but later in 2007 you said that diodes are all that is needed to utilize the stock ignition and that it was just as good as or better than any upgrade. Do you still feel that way? It certainly appears to be the easiest way to go.
    I am going to be installing a megasquirt standalone soon and am trying to determine if I want to go with the MS2 (cheaper) or the MS3 ( will run multiplex but is more expensive). With the MS3 the diodes could be added and the ignition would be done. I have been researching my butt off but don't see any explanation of why/how you changed your mind. Your answer will probably determine which one I buy. Thanks. Randy
    I have a question. Does the Driftmotion exhaust manifold sit the turbo further forward compared to my e-bay crapper? Reason I'm asking is I purchased a Driftmotion v-band downpipe and had my welder put a 3 1/2" flange instead of 3" and it doesnt fit, has small (maybe 1/2") gap at the top but bottom meets up fine. Should I purchase the exhaust manifold or get my welder to put more of an angle on the flange? Thanks
    Looking at your site, I am looking to upgrade my stock CT-26 to a 57-trim, with the polish/ceramic coating option as well as the upgraded oil/water line package (SS braided if you have that option) I also just finished dropping a 2JZ-GTE in my 300GS and I noticed that you have an upgrade for that as well. I am curious about the last disclaimer about making them "True Twin Turbo's for maximum power" What do I need to change as far as parts when I get your upgrade? You can contact me via 91turbodave on SM or at for email. I would love to see a package discount for this much work all at once, what do you say? THX - Dave
    Hey im looking to convert my 1jz into a single, i noticed you have a couple options available. Is your kit a bolt on? Do i need bigger injectors? Or can i just put on your kit and drive like that? How much power would i get? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks
    I'm finishing up the purchase on Nytefire's black supra. Just wanted to say nice work man. It's been what, two years since you built it? She still looks great.
    Hey. I am in the final phases of a 1j swap in to a 1990 Supra Turbo. I am giving up on the harness that came with the car since the guy I got it from did a terrible splice/ tuck job and I can"t figure any of it out.

    Big question is if you can get a hold of a harness for me and how much? Will need it shipped to area code 80233. Thank you so much!
    Happy Birthday Biggun!!!!!

    Thanks for all of your help and support. You're the greatest!!!!!!
    Hey Aaron, a couple people recommended I talk to you.I was wanting to get a price on an automatic Aristo full front end.. Can you also quote shipping to 97355.. Thank you so much!
    hey aaron im going to send my 1jz ecu to get the capacitors do i give you the money?? paypal??
    Aaron.....If you can send 3 decals of Driftmotion to me I will be more than happy to put it on for Nisei show off (side skirts and rear hatch window) lmk. u got pm.
    Yes, we buy ct26's! They must have a wastegate solenoid, no coolant or oil pipes attached, no big cracks in the exhaust housing, and no super terrible shaftplay. Damaged compressor wheel is ok, damaged exhaust wheel is not good.
    hey aaron i took my ecu to get the capacitors done and it still does the same thing. :( was just wondering if i could take it back and have u test it on one of your cars. the thing is its a random problem usually after the car sits for a couple of days. well hopefully im not the only one with this problem.
    Aaron, let me know when you get your dyno installed and I'll bring my vast knowledge of tuning out there to Cali-four-NI-A and make us gabillionaires........muwahahahaha
    This has been removed by Suprahero and an infraction has been given. Do not post technical questions in anybody's visitor message. That is what our technical section is for. Thanks, Jay
    The next person that asks a technical question in this visitor message gets an infraction. You can send him an email or a pm.
    We have 3 different clutch kits on the website and all of them have ratings in the description. Please dont use visitor messages for questions, visitor messages are for the "hey what's up yo?" kind of thing.
    We'll see, I'll try to make it in my Supra next time, it would be more fun for me that way.
    The HHR was fast and all (NOT!), but it's still not a Supra LOL
    you gonna go back to houston next year for some more track 21? maybe we'll hit up the supra meet too.
    it could ship by tues and shipping time depends on what method you select. Put the order in this weekend, thanks!
    hey aaron, hows it goin? hey if i buy 1jz/2jz thermostat ,how long would it take to get to 33157? i need one asap and whats up with those mk4 alum radiators?
    Thank you much aaron for letting me pick your mind & your great advice & fair prices. I know I can always send people to you for your good buisness.
    I hope my new titanium muffler bearings get here tuesday. My tracking info has promised me they would. You can't hardly beat the price to power ratio that these guarantee.
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