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  • Yep - That was me, I always remember my kills and try to forget my losses. Glad I convinced you to buy another turbo car dude.
    Now I know where ive seen your car, You live in chelsea...
    You dusted my ass in my black 1992 Prelude, we did a 60 kick past walmart, i jumped you by a car or so then you hit boost.
    that night made my mind up to buy another supra.
    Hey man nice supra, I just moved to bham and dont know any mkiii guys.
    I figured anybody who goes to hux for tuning cant be too bad.
    He may need a few yankee friends as well or people will think he is a gun selling rebel......oh wait, never mind.
    I'm not sure how to go about adding and responding to friends lists or making avatars, so bear with me if I don't respond when I'm supposed to!
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