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  • o yea finally lol. you still have your na? i just got back from toyota fest this past weekend in long beach a lot of fun you should try and make it out next year. i am in the middle of a 1j swap now in my white car
    Haha... ok, and if it's not in good condition I have a rebuilt ct 26. I also have a 57 trim but thats for me! I'll let you know, just hopefully the motor is good!
    The place is called Tapatio Auto wrecking, formerly Hi-desert auto and truck salvage.
    2116 15th St W, Rosamond, CA
    (661) 256-3469

    If you don't want that turbo I'll take it as a finders fee, lol. Mine's pretty jacked up.
    450 for the whole motor??? I don't need the turbo, but thats a really good price. Can you give me info on the junkyard? Thanks for the help!!!
    Thanks. Do you know anything about the condition of the motor or any info at all. It's just that rosamond is like a 2 hour drive from here!
    lol yea a garage is does help when doing a rebuild....well my motors in the car just need a fuse and presure plate bolts and im ready to go....hopefully will get it started saturday will see.....did you ever sell your mk2..?
    o yea i forgot about the many miles does it have...? are you going to post some pics of your 280z...?
    marriage good non runing supra bad...haha well thats good i just came across a mk3 with everything but the motor it has r154 jdm turn signals interior and ct26 for only a $100 for the whole car...yea once i get my taxes the supra will be together hvyman (kyle) is going to do the rebuild for me...
    I don't care for that section. ;)

    I just don't imagine you doing anything of the sort; for various reasons. Then again baptist churchs are something else.
    hey wats up actually i just bought a da im going to sand her down n fix a few dents than paint her the orginal factory white again...i put my new seats in here my new cluster ive been working 6 days a week so havnt had time to do a lot of work but i dont have my licences so im not in a rush i want to do it right....what about you have you got yr project going yet...?
    thats good im glad everything went good and you made it alright. I get my licences back feb. 2nd so hoepfully i can come down there or something and we can go for a crusie or something..
    yea me and my dad were talking about if the truck would make it. Im happy you made it the whole way though with out any problems....
    car wolnt be done for about a yr. as of right now it get hot engine bay air. but im looking to do webber dcoe's. but not till the stage 3 cams. i cant drive for a while so im in no hurry getting a new garage next wk so can get crackin. piece out
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