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    Coil spring spacer? doable? good idea/bad?

    Spacers would be fine, 4x4 guys have been doing it since coils were put on trucks. On top of the strut between the body would be easiest and the studs should be long enough for 1/4".
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    solid subframe bushing issue...

    I also make the solid subframe spacers, you are right that it doesnt make it a full solid mounting system, but it does take the majority of subframe movement out, as it cannot compress. The stock subframe bushings have up to an inch of movement if you pry the sub frame up and down with a pry...
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    Best clutch fan combo for 1JZ swapped Supra's?

    The LS400 and 7m blade fit the best, but the LS fan clutch is designed to spin the other way when installed in the LS, and when put on the JZ it spins the other way which usually causes it to run fully locked up all the time, It also sounds like a transport truck. I used the 2jz clutch and...
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    Targa Bars Group buy!!

    GROUP BUY IS ON. Click on the link in my sig to get to the GB page.
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    Targa Bars Group buy!!

    Re: Feeler: Targa Bars Alright so the group buy is a go!!, I will have the order details and info posted up in the GB section later this week. We will need a minimum of 10 sets sold for the group buy price. Randy
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    Targa Bars Group buy!!

    Re: Feeler: Targa Bars Yes the rear mounting bolts will be included, they will be a captured type setup where the bolt will have a clip that retains it in the bars, so you will never loose it. Just waiting on approval of the group buy, then I will get the list going, by the sounds of the...
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    Targa Bars Group buy!!

    Re: Feeler: Targa Bars So the regular price is $139 but I think I will be able to do them for $125 plus shipping. I will finalize everything next week and get a group buy going as it looks like we have 10+ now.
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    Targa Bars Group buy!!

    Re: Feeler: Targa Bars Sorry but we wont be doing an X brace style Targa bar......I know that an X brace may be the most ideal shape from an engineering standpoint, but its just a bit to costly and complicated to build and keep at a reasonable price ( as seen with the weezl wings). The factory...
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    Targa Bars Group buy!!

    Re: Feeler: Targa Bars It looks like we are up to 7 now. I will give it another week and see where we are at and go from there. The material that we use comes brushed, so non-brushed isnt an option.
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    Targa Bars Group buy!!

    I dont know if you guys are aware of this but we made a run of Stainless steel Targa bars a few years ago and they were a hit. These are a lightweight two piece design, one for each side that tie the front windshield frame to the rear roof using the factory targa mounting locations and hardware...
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    New motor mounts

    Yes the mk4 mounts will work if you cut off the locating pins. We do make full solid mounts for the 89+ cars, but they will definatly increase the NVH (vibrations), but you wont get any engine flex when combined with our poly trans spacer. We were looking into possibly making some poly 89+...
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    Bosch 044 Intank Install (Help Needed if possible)

    Re: Bosch 044 Intake Install (Help Needed if possible) I ran a mk4 denso pump in tank to a 044 inline pump with a -6 an hose to the engine, I personally made 605 WHP with it and had no fuel starvation issues. The fuel pressure stayed solid. I alsways wanted to put it in tank though. The 044's...
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    Need help hooking up MBC on single 1jz

    It looks like a standard ball/spring boost controller, just install it inline with the hose that you have hooked up, it looks like there is a directional arrow on it, have the arrow facing towards the wastegate. Start with it fully open then slowly adjust it until you reach your desired boost, I...
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    how many of you run steering coolers on your swap?

    I ran without a steering cooler for a while after my swap. I noticed after some hwy runs with twistys, that the steering became very notchy and noisy. I installed a small Hayden trans cooler and had no issues after that.
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    Rear passenger wheel sticks out further than the rear driverside??????????

    It sounds like your alignment is out, if that checks out ok, it may be bent control arms, or the car had a pretty major rear hit that wasnt repaired back to factory specs.