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  • Hi there, your inbox was full so I figured I would message you on here. Do you guys still make the mounting and wiring kit to run 1zz coils on a 1jz?
    Can/ DO you still make the stealth exhaust for mk3 7m? If so i am interested in it along with test/down pipe
    Love the twin tip semi stock look. I dont race i cruse so i dont need or want a fart cannon looken exhaust
    Hey I ordered a DDPR from you bnut I have not heard from you re: it's shipment.
    R Long
    5101 Silver Springs ln
    Hello, I just placed an order for a 1jz downpipe 5 days ago and was wondering when it would arrive ? Ive sent multiple pm and emails and have yet to receive a response from you please get back to me as soon as possible
    You don't happen to play Starcraft 2 do you? Just asking because there is a guy on here named "becauseican".
    Is there anyway you can give me a discount on a pair of front/rear endlinks? Please let me know before I order. Thanks.
    Occasionally I offer SM member deals, but nothing right now. We do have some parts on sale, check the website for details.
    Do SM members get some kind of discount from buying your products? Please let me know because I need to purchase something. Thank you.
    Hey I'm looking for an R154 transmission with a 1jz bell housing for a 1jz swap that I'm planning to do with my 87 supra n/a, and just wondering if I will still be able to use the cross member for the W58 with the R154?
    No sorry, I never did go through with that setup, it was just wasnt a good setup for the cost. The Nightpager or Doward kit is much better.
    Both Dp's work great. You will get a little more power from the DDP (divorced watgate DP) but it is also loud at full boost. If you decide to go with a bolt on upgradede turbo, the standard 3" dp is better as the DDP will only fit on the Toyota turbo.

    Hi , im new to this supra cars, i was reading on your website and its really amazing what a gr8 job u guys do,
    i have a suora mk3 with low miles . every thing is stock except the muffler , i wanted to install a ddp , which it says it can make the engine more cooler and give u more hp.
    on your list youhave 2 types, shall i go with the bored one , or one that have two pipes?
    Sale $369<--- or Price $294<----- ??
    thanks inadvance
    Hey man, how's it going? Question: are there any shops around Chicago IL or southern WI that carry your parts?

    All the exhaust parts are on the website. Do you have a 1jz or 7m in your Supra?. Send me a PM next time, I dont like this message system, its easier for me to keep track of my messages with the regular PM system.

    whats up bro , just have a quick question .
    i need a full setup from dp to testpipe to catback and saw u have all 3 for 1jz does all of your products bolt up together?
    Hey, I really like your car. Wanna hit me up w/ some pics of it (interior/exterior/engine bay)? Thanks a lot!
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