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    What did you do to your supra today? Pics

    Today I drove my Supra home from the body shop! 5 months of work and it looks sooo shiny! Pictures to follow. I hasn't looked this good in decades.
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    Brake pedal feel/ABS module questions

    The rear speed sensor is in the transmission, and is separate from the speedometer.
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    Brake pedal feel/ABS module questions

    I've played with mine in the past for quite some time but have learned to live with the loose pedal. The first stop of the day can be worrisome. The booster input rod has adjustment as well, but I've not been able to move it. There's an important measurement there to get right. The TSRM...
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    How hard is it to find a Mk III?

    (from my failing memory) Sport Package = non-turbo, headlight squirters, ABS, 4.3 LSD, TEMS. Mine has a manual transmission. I don't know if you could get the Sport Package with an auto trans, but I suspect not. ABS was still an option in 1988.
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    How hard is it to find a Mk III?

    Impressive! However, I don't believe it has an LSD, which was for the "Sport Package" in 1988, which I have. It doesn't have the tell-tale headlight nozzles. This one probably also does not have ABS. And, the head gasket is just waiting to go.
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    Thin wall 12pt. 14mm...

    IIRC, the ARP nuts are 1/2".
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    Help! Supra doesn't run right

    Toyota Red coolant is the one to use, 50/50 with distilled water.
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    Might need to replace NA catalytic converter

    The stock NA cat outlet is large enough to fit a 2.5" OD pipe inside with some room to spare.
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    Help please! Just changed heater core and now car won't start!

    My '88 NA has headlamp washers, but they were part of a "Sport" package that also included TEMS, ABS, and an LSD. It was fairly rare.
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    Mk3 forums dead..miss the good times

    I'm not finding "Club A70", D.J.T. Can you maybe DM me a link? There's an "A70 Supra" group headed by Josh Lerma, but no "Club A70". (FB's search is crap...)
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    Recommended replacement heater core?

    The heater box definitely comes out without breaking into the A/C, but it needs to be separated from the A/C box. Once the dash is out, the rest is easy. You can leave in the seats and carpet. As I recall, the floor heater duct sits on top of the transmission hump and points down on both sides...
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    Anyone have a list of the diff bearing part numbers?

    There's a thread on rebuilding: Good stuff there. Driftmotion sells a rebuild kit, which I recommend, as it's a good deal. And, do the solid pinion spacer thing.
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    Help! Supra doesn't run right

    You can temporarily demagnetize a magnet by heating it up over its Curie temperature, but it will remagnetize after it cools down. Mechanical shock also will reduce the magnetization, but not get rid of all of it. Neither is really possible here.
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    Help! Supra doesn't run right

    Summit Racing has quite a few retrieval tools, with and without magnets. I'd probably try a couple of different ones first.
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    Nozzle Sub-Assembly, Washer

    Clearly I should've searched more before buying the wrong nozzles. Yes, there are upgrades to the new ones. I've never had really any issue with the streams, but I've never tried crossing them.