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  • Hey hows it going... I have not logged on here in ages... so just saw the message. That is a nice lookin mk3 you have! I think I have seen it before (prior to last year) I used to head north more often, yet I know work out of Beaverton, OR, but still live in Chehalis. So being so close I should never have an excuse to not show up in Centralia :) Mine is not a daily driver, so you wont see me much, I think I have put maybe 1k on it last year. Looking for new suspension at the moment, for sure it's weakest point right now. Thanks for the message - I'm sure we will catch up sometime - see ya (My name is Charles by the way)
    Nah my contact said that would be too slow, so he hooked me up with a time travel freight company. Got my parts yesterday, haha :D
    Oh yeah don't get me wrong, I love the 7m. The swap i was talking about is rebuilding my 40k mile Japanese motor and putting that in :p

    Soo a super secret project huh? Sweet!
    I already started cannibalizing my other car anyway lol! The Crank bolt was easy to get out, i just put the car in 5th gear and used my man strength. However, its going to be much tougher to correctly get the bolt IN my car, I suppose i could do that trick with a torque wrench set to 195lbs, i dont know, i just dont trust it.

    Also i got the bolt off easy, but I can't remember any trick to getting to the pulley its self off the crank snout, feels like its rusted on there good.
    Yeah that was my plan, i already have the driftmo turbo kit, and the engine (despite 3 BHGs) is still running strong.

    So i started taking it apart, the woodruff key is a fine metalic powder now, and the crank pulley bolt is missing, long gone by the looks of it, just the belts were holding the pulley on the car.

    Everything else looks ok though, nothing is bent and the channel in the crank pully looks straight and not warped, crank snout looks almost undamaged as well.
    I havn't started building the other engine yet because my other supra still runs, i was planning on just selling that car.

    Still not sure what sort of engine I want to replace this one with, if i need too.
    Yeah i'll have to do that, i was only able to get it on wrench tight since i was at work. so it might just need to be torqued on properly first. But it seems like it catches and does spin when its idling, but not while driving.

    The engine has been through 2-3 BHG's "None from me, lol" sooo yeah i wont be too worried if something major was damaged.
    I know right! Turns out it was the Crank pulley bolt, it was laying on the ground under my car, fucker was just free-ballin it omg.
    However i put it back on and tightened it and now none of my acc's work, no power, no batt, no fan... might be too tight but i thought it needed 180 pounds of torque. :S

    Oh man, back to searching the forums for an answer lol
    Haha man, i think my Torque converter just rattled loose, I just got to work and it sounded like it was about to fall off, might have to tow it home :S
    I do want to head out there soon though, hopefully its just a few loose bolts!
    Whhaaaat! Awesome, I'd love to see that done, iv'e been leaning towards the 1uz-fe every new thread i see about it. If i ever swap engines that is, :)
    Yeah i'll have to head down there some time, been meaning to since ive never really been in that area.

    Also on the quest for power, I have a lexus afm just sitting here taunting me to buy a set of 550cc injectors for it so I can crank up my boost :p
    However, if I do get off my lazy ass and fix the engine up, then I will have a spare turbo engine from my daily that I personly replaced the HG in and it works beautifully.

    Also I am always willing to help, given that i can fit it into my schedule, I can look at pick n' pulls up here and so on.
    Hey, your car still running man? I hope so haha. I do have a 1986.5 parts car with a turbo engine in it, not sure what im going to do with it atm, the engine 'supposedly' only has around 60k on it, since 1986.5's were only N/A I know the previous owner installed the turbo engine, but have no idea where its from. Currently I ninja'd a few small parts from the engine to help my daily drive better, but I still have enough parts to make it whole again.

    Pretty sure its blowing a HG, the previous owner said it had a metal HG, which means it is certainly blown since i doubt he decked the head, which is why i stopped driving it in the first place, and I planned on rebuilding the engine while I daily my other supra, but havnt got around to it yet.

    So yeah there is the story on the engine, I wont sell it knowing its going to explode soon, and I don't want to get rid of it for cheap for the same reason.
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