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    7MGE Dyno July 2017

    13:1 is a pretty reasonable target with an NA engine they don't require anywhere near as much enrichment as a turbo engine hell some more modern engines run 14.6:1 at wot.
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    92 JDM JZA70 Targa Top HX35 Flared New Zealand

    Good start, now lets see the progress pics.
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    7MGE Dyno July 2017

    Can you have dangerously rich? Looks like the torque falls of as soon as it switches rich at 82mph if you could find a way to get that back up to around 13:1 you would recover a lot of that lost torque.
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    1300 Kg Track SUPRA project

    You're missing 1.86% of your car!
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    Supra + Faye = Love. My first build thread. (beware, picture heavy...)

    Shame all the pics are dead links now.
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    Where did everyone go?

    I have noticed all forums that I used to frequent are now pretty dead. For this forum it seems like it must have been a recent thing as if you look at the whats going on bit at the bottom there were 597 people online on 31st August 2015 so peak traffic was only 2 years ago. Seems like lots of...
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    I dont know were to start..misfire..

    Have you found which cylinder is misfiring? Have you done a compression check?
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    Harry potter and the secret of lost VF

    I has a similar issue with MAFT pro years ago and never resloved it. I could get it all set up nicely and running great then shut the car down and leave it for an hour and it would run at 12:1 when previously it was 14.7 - 15:1 when cruising. Sorry I'm no help but just thought you should know...
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    The Small Questions Thread

    110C is very hot I get a sweat on if my car gets anywhere near 100C
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    Aem v1 and rc 550 injectors,

    I'm assuming you used two resistor blocks to go sequential?
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    My 89 HKS Supra build

    Sounds like the ports are back to front so all your boost pressure is going to the spring side of the wastegate. Or least thats what happened to me with my controller when I had my car in bits and made that slip up on putting it back together. I use a gizzmo boost controller so yours may operate...
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    throttle body boring

    Because newness of the web design determins the quality of his work? I prefer plane and simple websites I'm sick to death of all these animated websites with loads of gimiky shit all over them.
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    New CT26 dyno 573lbs of torque

    Something don't seem right there, punching your numbers for speed and weight into a 1/4 ET calculator it comes back with 563hp. Or if you put your weight and power it comes back with 108 trap speed.
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    In light of the SCotUS Bullshit...

    I know nothing is free so to speak but isn't that what taxes are for? Its public wealth to be used for the common good? (I know this idealogical because of greed and corruption)