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    Swapping oem radio for another oem...what are the possibilities?

    Cannot tell with the pictures on ebay. Need to see the back panel connectors.
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    Front L.C.A Bushings - Brainstorming

    Are the LCAs discontinued? I solved this problem 5 years ago by buying new arms. They are steel and were not that expensive at the time.
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    Abe's first ma70 1jzgte swap

    Look for a hydraulic hose shop in your area. That pump can put out 1000 psi, so hose clamps wont work.
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    Toyota Heritage Parts

    Compare it to heritage Porsche parts, it a bargain!!
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    Thinking of buying an 87 as a daily driver, need some help

    Misa, how conmfortable are you with car repairs? This car will be a lot more enjoyable if you know how to fix the small stuff. If you have to take it in for every little thing it could become fairly expensive to maintain. I daily drive my supra to work 8 miles each way so not a big commute...
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    Catalytic Differences (PRE89 vs POST89)

    Just looking at the parts catalog I see that the tail pipe assy was common across the 88-89 and 89-90 model year. So I am going to go out on a limb and say it was essentially unchanged througout the production years. 17430-42061 Supra (NATO) 01/1988 - 08/1988...
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    Oil Temp, Pressure

    max safe oil temp is typically considered to be 250F (120C). Anything over 260F (125C) would be a concern. Synthetics can take more, some say as much as 450F (230C) but the viscosity at those temperatures is probably too low to be safe for the bearings. 20W50 is really too thick for stock...
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    3P's TCCS Disassembly/Analysis

    I shipped my first yellow plug ecu to Piratetip last week. In order to do that I needed to finish disassembling the yellow plug ecu code and modify it for the lexus afm and larger injectors. Post 89 ecu software sets a code 21 if you run it on yellow plug hardware. I also built an adapter to...
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    7mgte det3 configuration?

    3000 rpm fuel cut is usually a code 31. Your AFM wiring is bad and there is no AFM signal getting to the ECU.
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    Abe's first ma70 1jzgte swap

    looks great. What tape did you end up using?
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    Deformed Front Lip Fix for MK3 Supra

    Sweet, awesome writeup. I need to do this as mine looks just like your before pictures. My only concern is when I hit something with it is the JB Weld going to hold up? Might use this instead...
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    Talk to me about multiplexing please...

    Well according to the datasheet the LM324L should be good to 3.5V common mode input when powered by 5V. But an op amp with better ICMR would be the OPA4343. That is a quad amp too. That is a true rail to rail opamp, but you need check it is pinout compatible with the LM324L.
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    Talk to me about multiplexing please...

    Ahh, you have the 5V to 3.3V problem. That is easy to solve if you are going 3.3 to 5 or 5 to 3.3. But if its bidirectional then it gets more complicated. There are chips out there designed to do this. I don't know if you have an electronics background, but you will need one to make this work.
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    Help identify this exhaust

    The location of the muffler to pipes flange is very HKS like. They usually emboss the model number on the muffler. I assume you already scoured it for part numbers.
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    As the supra has evolved through the generations you can complain all sorts of changes were made. The A60 had a decent back seat and every model since barely even a child can fit back there, etc etc. These days a blown 4 gives decent power, so why not make it an option. You can always buy the...