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  • Hey Mike, wanted to share this guide with ya on gear ratios. Let me know what yours is. Mine is 3.73:1
    G284 = 4.30:1 4-pinion 8.0" pre-89 N/A Diff (no-LSD, USA Only)
    G282 = 4.30:1 2-pinion 8.0" 89+ N/A Diff (no-LSD, USA Only)
    G285 = 4.30:1 4-pinion 8.0" N/A Diff (with-LSD)
    G315 = 3.91:1 4-pinion 8.0" pre-89 Turbo Diff (with-LSD)
    G305 = 3.73:1 4-pinion 8.0" 89+ Turbo Diff (with-LSD)
    Hey 19907mgte,
    By the way nice Supra!
    I can usually get out of the house on the weekends mostly. I have to pick up one of my brothers from Kansas City air port on Tuesday the 29th of this month. Some week days work out to but would have to know ahead of time. Just let me know what works out for ya and will try and make it work. BTW, have you talked with Bluebullet89 yet or anyone else? Also are you staying with 7MGTE or will you be doing the 1J swap? I have extra Supra parts laying around to if you know of anyone needing some. Also put my 7MGTE on Craigs-list in Kansas City under parts.
    See ya,
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