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  • dont forget to install your pilot bearing before you put your tranny on. i rememberd mine while i was mid stabbing the tranny luckily not after
    it looks huge! im running a garrett t67 with a .84 AR its working out ok. its only at 13psi right now though. i have been noticing on the stock clutch its almost impossible to brake boost without clutch slip. you should hurry up and let me know about how the spec works out for you.
    sweet! i am waiting on my fans to get here then i can drive it to the muffler shop to get exahust. till then im stuck driving the worst oil milage spec v ever. 20 miles per quart....
    yea i have the r154. some people like spec and some dont. i have only see 2 cars with spec clutches and they were both trashed. i dunno if it was driver failure or part failure.
    im still using the stock clutch until i get more info on the clutch i need for what i plan on doing with it. i plan on doing as much weight reduction as i can and doing some auto cross and scca event. any suggestions on brand and disc style?
    ok i bought the 1jz downpipe and put it on. it fits perfect except the 2 bolt flange at the end is just clocked wrong. if you cut that off and rotate it or just install a v band flange it will work great. i took it around the block with open downpipe.... its a beast!
    ok i talked to driftmotion and they said that i can buy a 1j downpipe and have the end cut and changed angles and it will work on the 2j.
    its been good. i got my t67 on the other day. and i am trying to figure out who can make me a downpipe and full 3" then i can drive it. its kinda wierd how quiet it is when their is absolutly no exahust on the engine after the turbo.
    I spent 2 hrs today trying to figure out what goes where on the other plugs near the ECU. Yeay... and it's cold in my garage. Yeay...
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